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Tongkat Ali 1:200 / 400mg / 60 capsules
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CAD $59.99 CAD $49.99
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Product Description

Welcome to Tongkat Canada

Keep sending in the testimonials as we love reading them! The results that our customers are getting is far better than ANY other product on the market, making “Tongkat” your choice and we are sure you will be satisfied.

We are a well respected supplier of Tongkat Ali Extract 1:200 strength with an extensive and ever growing list of repeat customers. To give you an idea of our herbs potencey, it takes 200Kg’s of pure Tongkat Ali roots to make 1Kg of 1:200 extract. Grown in Indonesia by the most respected supplier who are known to produce the best Tongkat Ali in the world and produce to GMP standards.

Shipping For Canadian Customers

Your “Tongkat” will be shipped from our head office in beautiful New Zealand and generally takes 5 - 10 days depending on processing times at Canadian customs.

Canadian import regulations allow for a single course of treatment or a 90-day supply based on the directions, this being a maximum order of 4 bottles (90 days supply)


Certificate of Analysis available here

Genuine Tongkat Ali DEPKES license no. TR 113 225 021

Eurycomanone Content Certificate

Tongkat Benefits

  • Increase energy
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase overall physical condition
  • Support for normal blood pressure
  • Supports healthy libido
  • Natural supports healthy testosterone levels

When taking Tongkat Ali as a supplement understand that results may not happen overnight, although for some you may experience a change immediately.


As far as Tongkat 1:200 is concerned, if it is cheap, e.g. $15.95-$39.95 per bottle for 60-100 capsules retail, then you can almost guarantee it is fake or just powdered root and not the extract. Real 1:200 extract cannot be produced at such low prices. Any questions you may have on this matter please feel free to contact us.

Our Standards

  • Guaranteed genuine Indonesian 1:200 strength root extract.
  • Grown in Indonesia and processed to GMP Standards.
  • 100% pure 1:200 Indonesian Tongkat Ali root extract.
  • This is the highest potency / most concentrate extract tongkat ali produced
  • We only sell the Tongkat Ali we use ourselves
  • Orders are dispatched within 24hrs
  • Unbeatable prices for Tongkat Ali of this quality

Grown in Indonesia our Tongkat Ali meets the following standards

  • No fillers.
  • Root only (Most effective part of the plant).
  • Potent extract only
  • Free from E.Coli.
  • Free from Salmonella.
  • Pass all tests for heavy metals, Arsenic and lead.
  • Pass all tests for yeast and mold.
  • Made by a reputable registered manufacturer to GMP standards

Inside Each Bottle

Each bottle of Tongkat contains 60 x 400mg capsules 1:200 Indonesian Tongkat Ali Root Extract.
Vegetable Capsules shell.

Important note for our Canadian customers

Canadian import regulations for dietary supplements quoted below:

”A Canadian who chooses to obtain a health product from outside Canada which may or may not have been reviewed and market authorized by Health Canada is allowed to import:

A single course of treatment or a 90-day supply based on the directions for use, whichever is less, of a health product as long as the product does not contain a substance listed in Schedule F of the Food and Drug Regulations.

The health product must be for their own personal use, the use of a person for whom they are responsible or for use on an animal for which they are responsible.”

Please Note: You may be subject to VAT (value added taxes) when importing goods into Canada.

Legal & Company Information

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