The Importance of Buying Quality Tongkiat Ali

The Ultimate Quality Tongkat Ali Buying Guide

Tongkat Ali is a rare herb that takes a long time to mature and offers many benefits and it is only natural that it does not come cheap. Choosing and buying the best quality extract is important to experience the best effect and value for your money. In most cases, cheap extracts are also poor quality and may not give you the desired results. Here is a guide to buying genuine and quality Tongkat Ali so you can experience the full benefits this herb has to offer.

How to Buy Quality Tongkat Ali?

Here are the qualities that make quality Tongkat Ali and the factors that determine the quality and potency. They are also the factors to consider when buying in order to ensure that you get a genuine and high quality extract.

The amount of active ingredients present in any herb will vary depending on the soil content, rainfall, humidity level, elevation, the situation of the environment where the tree grew, and the health of the tree. In Indonesia, the tree grows naturally in the unpolluted rainforests.

The quality and strength of an extract will also depend on whether the tree was allowed to mature before harvesting. The Tongkat Tree takes between 10 to 2 years to reach full maturity and achieve the ideal content of the active ingredient. Trees younger than ten years will not produce the same level of quality as trees over 10 years. The best quality and strength comes from trees allowed to reach full maturity.

The extract should have low lead content and tested and certified to be free from E. coli and Salmonella. The harvesting and extraction will process will also determine whether the extract contains impurities and chemicals.

It is a good idea to buy extracts labelled `Tongkat Ali Eurycoma Longifolia Jack root extract’ to ensure that you buy the right product. The roots are also believed to contain the highest concentration of the active ingredient and therefore to produce the strongest extract.

The strength of the extract should be indicated on the package. For muscle increase and other athletic activities, the widely recommended strength is 1: 200. Other common extract strengths include 1: 50 and 1: 100

Where to Buy Quality Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali grows naturally in some South East Asian countries, mainly Indonesia and Malaysia. In Malaysia, excessive harvesting almost caused the herb to become extinct. It is now an endangered species and illegal to harvest. In Indonesia, the herb still grows in the tropical rainforests making Indonesia the only source of native and high potency Tongkat Ali.

Ensure that you buy from reputable and legitimate distributors willing to show that they buy their products from quality manufacturers who have their product tested and are willing to provide certified test results.

Since there are no scientific standards, it can be difficult to find the right dosage or extract concentration and cycle that will produce the desired effect without causing side effects. Buying quality Tongkat Ali from an experienced, certified and reliable source is crucial to get the right dose and potency that will produce the desired results without the side effects.