Vita Health Ltd is a family business based in beautiful New Zealand, with distribution centres in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. We are what you would consider a normal family with a genuine desire to help increase awareness of our selves and our planet by encouraging and restoring interest in the use of herbs for promoting true health and vitality.

We are a dedicated and dynamic team with a strong background in the education and distribution of health care products. We research and source only the finest wild-harvested and organic herbal product/s from reputable suppliers who in turn supply to practitioners and a like.

Herbs offer an important contribution to our daily dietary needs, their value has been greatly underestimated in our modern times. We believe we have become so far removed from nature herself that there’s no wonder their is a great deal of sickness within our western culture. By increasing awareness of our selves, our planet and the grandeur of nature, we can make a return to our natural self and the healing powers of our planet.